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November 2017 Project Independence Calendar

2017 PIoneer Newsletter Volume 11 Number 2 Fall 

October 2017 Project Independence Calendar

September 2017 Project Independence Calendar

August 2017 Project Independence Calendar

July 2017 Project Independence Calendar

June 2017 Project Independence Calendar

2017 PIoneer Newsletter Volume 11 Number 1 Spring

May 2017 Project Independence Calendar

2017 Project Independence April 2017 Educational Chats/Programs


2016 Project Independence PIoneer Newsletters

Project Independence Information Brochure

Fighting Fraud Targeting Our Nation’s Seniors

Top 10 Scams Targeting Our Nation’s Seniors


2015 Project Independence PIoneer Newsletters


Project Independence Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for DOSA/Project Independence is extremely important to the function of the Department. Volunteers are trained to perform a variety of services for the aging residents of North Hempstead.

Business Buzz: Delux Transportation

Delux Transportation and North Hempstead's Project Independence Video 

2014 Project Independence PIoneer Newsletters


2013 Project Independence PIoneer Newsletters

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