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Project Independence Transportation Program

Transportation Program Brochure

•  Food Shopping Taxi Program (no charge for rides)

o Provided 2 days a week in the various regions between 10am- 2pm
o If rider has an aide, the aide may ride for free.

• Medical, dental or treatment appointments, non-emergency (steeply discounted rates)

o Rides available 7 days a week
o Medicaid rate is used although this is NOT a Medicaid program
   Rider pays half of the already discounted Medicaid rate at the time of the ride and the Town is billed monthly by the cab companies for the rest.
o If rider has an aide, the aide may ride for free.

• Town Bus Transportation provided to social centers within the Town (*LIMITED)

• Mobility Management

o Serves as a liaison for all available transportation options, CarFit your vehicle, Pedestrian Safety


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For more information or to connect to PI services, call 311 or 869-6311.

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