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Community Spotlight

6/11/2015 - Councilwoman Russell welcomes Pix11

North Hempstead NY, - Councilwoman Viviana Russell and Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth Greeted Pix 11’s Dunkin Donuts studio on the run truck at the “Yes We Can Center.” The news truck heard about the “Yes We Can Center” and they wanted to witness the wonderful works that the community center is doing for the area. They highlighted the affordable summer program that has a lot of offer for children in the community for as low as $2.50. News anchor Lisa Mateo even learned some dance moves from the young ladies practicing for a talent show. The Community center has been opened for 3 years now and catering to the needs for everyone in the community.

Lisa Mateo, Councilwoman Viviana Russell

Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Councilwoman Viviana Russell