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Expedited Permit Review Request

The Town Code provides for an “expedited” review of pending permit applications under very limited circumstances. The relevant section of the Town Code is as follows:

§ 2-10.1. Procedure on request for expedited permit application review.

A. An applicant may apply in writing to the Building Commissioner requesting expedited permit application review, which request shall include such supportive documentation as the Building Commissioner may require. The Building Commissioner shall review the request to determine if it meets one or more of the following criteria:
(1) The request is made to accommodate an emergency situation which has created a danger to health and/or safety; or
(2) The request is in furtherance of advancing a public interest such as, but not limited to, job creation and/or economic development; or
(3) The request is made in connection with the provision of an essential service, which shall include, but not be limited to, facilities or parts thereof which are connected to the furnishing of medical, governmental, police, fire and/or health and safety services; or
(4) The request is made to avoid extreme financial hardship to the applicant, which hardship is not self-created.

B. Upon receipt of a request for expedited permit application review, the Building Commissioner shall review the request, together with the documentation supporting it, and render a proposed written determination. The proposed written determination shall then be forwarded to the Supervisor and the Councilperson having jurisdiction over the affected premises for comment from each. The Supervisor and the Councilperson shall have five business days to consider the request and proposed determination, and each may provide comment and/or recommendations to the Building Commissioner prior to the expiration of that time period.

C. In the event that the Supervisor and Councilperson make no comment or recommendation, the proposed determination shall become a final determination and shall become a part of the permanent file maintained by the Building Department. In the event that the Supervisor and/or Councilperson make comments or recommendations contrary to the proposed determination, those comments or recommendations shall prevail and shall become a part of the permanent file maintained by the Building Department.

Persons who wish to apply for an “expedited” review should make certain the following items are incorporated in their request:

1. The request must be in writing and addressed to the attention of the Commissioner of the Town’s Building Department.
2. The request meets at least one of the criteria set forth above (Town Code Section 2-10.1) paragraphs 1,2,3, or 4.
3. Please make certain any/all supporting documentation accompanies the written request.

All requests for expedited review shall be assessed as soon as possible. A written decision concerning your request will follow shortly thereafter. The Town continues to strive to reduce the time it takes to review pending permit applications. By doing so, it will further reduce the need for “expedited” permit application requests.