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Weekend Work Waiver Request

To promote quieter, more tranquil communities in North Hempstead, the Town enacted a Noise Ordinance that limits the times in which certain activities can take place.

In accordance with the Town’s Ordinance, any construction activity that creates noise that can be heard within the boundaries of a residential property is not permitted on weekdays before 7:30 AM or after 6 PM. Nor is it permitted on weekends between 6 PM Friday and 6 AM Monday or at any time on a holiday in which the Town of North Hempstead is not open. The use of heavy equipment, power tools, hammering and sawing are examples of prohibited activities within the prescribed hours.

Permission to engage in construction during the prohibited hours may be requested by writing the Commissioner of the Building Department and demonstrating an urgent necessity in the interest of public safety. In such cases, a permit will be issued by the Commissioner. Such requests should be made in a manner that provides the Commissioner with ample time to consider the request including making a site visit.

The section of the Noise Ordinance which relates to construction activity can be found at Chapter 38-3B.(7) of the Town Code. If you have any question as to what scope of work falls within this chapter, please contact the Building Department for guidance by calling 311.

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