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Division of Code Enforcement

The Department's Division of Code Enforcement administers and enforces Town laws, ordinances and regulations in the Town's unincorporated areas. These laws generally are aimed at keeping the Town's residential and commercial areas clean and safe. Residents may call the Division to report what they believe to be a violation of the Town Code. If the condition they report appears to violate the Code, the Division will send out an inspector to investigate the matter. If the inspector concludes that a violation has been committed, a notice of violation or an appearance ticket may be issued to the offending property owner, requiring the owner to appear in court for a judicial proceeding. Offenders found guilty may be subject to fines or imprisonment.



Although it highlights the most common Town Code violations, this section of the Department of Public Safety's website is not a restatement of the entire North Hempstead Town Code. Copies of the complete text are available for examination at:

The Office of the North Hempstead Town Clerk, 200 Plandome Road, Manhasset, New York

You may also download the Town Code off the Town website (Town Code --> Town Code).

Download the Town Code Brochure.

Use your home the way you're supposed to:

  • Don't let anyone live in the cellar of your house

  • Don't let your house be used by more than the number of families permitted by the Town Code (under certain circumstances a "family", as defined by the Town Code, can include people unrelated to each other. For the precise definition of "family" consult the Town Code).

  • Keep the fence on your property in safe condition.

  • Don't keep vehicles on your property that are unlicensed or not working unless you keep them in an enclosed garage.

  • Don't keep trash or garbage on your property, unless you properly contain it and dispose of it.

  • Remove or cover over graffiti on the walls of your home or business.

Sidewalks are for people. Keep them that way:

  • Keep your sidewalk free and clear of snow, ice, filth, dirt, weeds, and trash.

  • Don't park cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles on sidewalks.

  • Don't use sidewalks to conduct your business.

Keep your neighborhood suburban and beautiful:

  • Don't dump cars, appliances, litter, or other garbage on any lot.

  • Don't leave vehicles with these plates on the street between 10 P.M. and 6 A.M.: APPORTIONED, BUS, TAXI, T&LC, FARM, LIVERY, SCHOOL, TOW, TRUCK, TRACTOR, TRAILER, SPEC. COMM., or COMMERCIAL.

Don't do the following work on your property without first getting a permit from the Town's Building Department, or checking to see if you need a permit:

  • Raise the grade of your land

  • Install retaining walls (a retaining wall is a structure that supports earth or rock next to it)

  • Construct a deck

  • Install a fence

  • Finish a basement or attic

  • Place an accessory structure on your property, such as a garage or a shed

  • Expand a driveway by more than 250 square feet (you must also file for a drywell when you do this)

  • Cut down a tree

  • Modify, replace, or convert your heating system



Call 311 if within the Town, or (516) 869-6311 if outside the Town.

The offices of the Division of Code Enforcement are open Monday through Friday (except holidays) between 9:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

Mailing Address:
220 Plandome Rd
Manhasset, NY 11030