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Sustainability Classroom Lessons for Teachers

These lessons include hands on activities and are a great supplement for classroom teachers who are teaching students about protecting the environment.  They are perfect for Earth Day or any day!  Grade levels for each lesson are a guide and lessons can be adjusted based on student abilities.

Saving Water- students learn how calculate their water footprint and how they can save water in their everyday lives.

Stormwater Pollution- students will explore their school grounds to see how stormwater runoff pollution affects their environment.  They will also learn ways to prevent stormwater pollution and educate others by designing posters.

Reducing Waste- in this lesson students will learn about garbage and how to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost their waste instead of throwing it away.

Protecting Pollinators- students will learn about the decline in pollinator populations, what is causing these declines and how to help.  They will design their own native plant gardens to provide habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Climate Change- students will learn about climate change including causes, effects, and what we can do to help.  They will then complete an activity that focuses on energy efficiency in the home.


Guided Walk of May's Cove at North Hempstead Beach Park

Students can take a guided walking tour of North Hempstead Beach Park, specifically the nature trail at May Newburger’s Cove. During this walk, there will be a discussion of methods the Town is using to clean our water, local wildlife, as well as habitat conservation and environmental sustainability. 


For information, call 311 or email sustain@northhempsteadny.gov.