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Native Plant Residential Rebate Pilot Program 2021

Unfortunately funding for this program has been exhausted and we are no longer accepting applications. We encourage everyone that would like to create a native plant or rain garden to utilize the resource documents at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

The Town of North Hempstead has received $5,600 from the Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District to offer Town residents up to $500 each for native plants to replace lawn grass or an existing garden space with a native plant garden or rain garden.

The Town has established this rebate program in partnership with the Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District and Long Island Native Plant Initiate to give residents a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact on the local environment and its amazing wildlife. Providing rebates for installation of these plants in residential yards will lead to more native plants being put in the ground, which will support the Town’s efforts to increase native plants and wildlife habitat. The District will be responsible for distributing rebate checks to residents. 

Native plant gardens and rain gardens both use native plants, which have a multitude of environmental benefits. They provide food, shelter, and nesting resources for pollinators, of which many species are in decline, as well as birds, small mammals, and a variety of wildlife species. They also:

  • have extensive root systems that absorb polluted stormwater (especially when used in rain gardens)
  • have the ability to take in carbon dioxide and other air pollutants
  • have low maintenance requirements
  • do not need fertilizer since they are adapted to our local soils
  • should not need irrigation once established  
Rebates will be offered at a maximum of $500 for the purchase of native plants only (other supplies needed to create the garden as well as delivery fees and taxes are not reimbursable). Rebates are available for Town of North Hempstead residents only (proof of residency will be required when applying).

Funds are limited and will be granted on a first-come first-served basis. You do not need to apply for the entire $500 if you are only planting a small area. Please read the detailed information below on how to apply for a rebate.

Application Process

Please first carefully read the following Terms and Conditions document to understand all details about the rebate program.

Click HERE for the application.


Resource Documents

Read the following documents to understand how to create and maintain a native plant garden. They will also be essential in completing the required site information in your application:

Preparing, Designing and Maintaining Your Native Plant Garden

Native Plant List

Native and Invasive Plant Resources for Conservation, Restoration and Landscape Plantings by the Long Island Native Plant Initiative (contains information on ways to acquire native plants locally)

Sample Basic Garden Designs- The following sample designs can be recreated, but you can also use a mix of shrubs, trees, grasses, and flowering plants together in one garden.

Full Sun Flowering Plants

Part-shade/shade Flowering Plants

Part-shade/Shade Shrubs

Full Sun Shrubs

Rain Garden Resources

These sites provide information on how to prepare your site and install a rain garden.

Long Island Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens a Design Guide by UConn

Native Plant and Rain Garden Workshop Recordings

These workshops provide great information on creating and maintaining native plant and rain gardens and were taught by LINPI President Rusty Schmidt.

Rain Garden Workshop: https://youtu.be/FiFLJQvtYKg

Native Plant Gardening Workshop: https://youtu.be/_j1E79rdDQw


If you have any questions, please contact sustain@northhempsteadny.gov or call 311 (516-869-6311).