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North Hempstead Students Ready for 6th Year of Town’s School Recycling Program

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North Hempstead Students Ready for 6th Year of Town’s School Recycling Program  

Manhasset, NY
–Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the North Hempstead Town Board are proud to announce the commencement of the sixth year of the Recycling Partnership Program among nine public school districts and 2 private schools within the Town, encompassing 40,000 students.

In the past five years since the program started, an estimated 380 tons of paper and 140 tons of comingles (plastic, aluminum and glass) have been recycled, as well as 40 tons of electronic waste.

“Through the collaboration of over 40,000 students, we have accomplished so much over the past five years of this program, and we continue to build on our success each year,” said Supervisor Kaiman. “I encourage each student to recycle 1 plastic bottle per day this year, which would amount to an astounding total of 8,000,000 bottles, and would truly make a difference in preserving our environment.”

Some programs that will continue in the 2013-2014 school year include:

• “Weigh In Program”, which offers students the opportunity to perform much of the recycling themselves and allows them to measure the results of their success.

• “E-waste Collection”, which calls for events held at each school district in January collecting a total of 20 tons of old and unwanted electronics for proper disposal.

• “The CAPS Back Program” which collected an estimated total of 1.6 tons of caps last school year were sent to Estée Lauder for recycling into new caps for their Aveda products.

• The Fifth-Annual “Recycling Video Contest”, which last year encouraged students to promote the message “Plastic Ain’t My Bag.” Over 100 students participated and the winners were honored before the Town Board.

• “The North Hempstead Trashion Show”, which will take place in December. Last year, the inaugural event featured 71 students walking the runway in outfits of their own creations made from recycled material.

• “The Art of Recycling”, which engages close to 1,800 students and displays a painted recycling bin from each high school in a prominent location within the Town.

For more information on the School Recycling Program and all of the Town’s environmental initiatives, please call 311 or log on to www.northhempsteadny.gov.

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