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North Hempstead Leads New Cassel Redevelopment

NEW CASSEL–The Town of North Hempstead continues its leadership in New Cassel's revitalization through the New Cassel Partners Vision Task Force.   The Task Force is charged with maintaining an ongoing dialogue with community representatives, updating the community as to the progress of the Town's EPA Brownfields Pilot and the implementation of the New Cassel Vision Plan.

The Environmental Protection Agency defines brownfields as sites or geographical areas that are contaminated or are perceived as contaminated because of the past use or abuse of the land area.  Supervisor Newburger comments, "Many of these sites have potential for redevelopment that can create jobs and reinvigorate industry into the local community."

Brownfields, specifically in the New Cassel community are a major focus of the Town and the Supervisor's agenda in the coming months.  As part of this effort the Town of North Hempstead sought and was awarded an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Demonstration Assessment Pilot award. This $200,000 grant enables New Cassel to clarify environmental contamination issues in order to facilitate development.  Pilot funds are for site assessment, reuse planning and related community involvement. Roux Associates, JAC Planning, Sustainable Long Island and the Unified New Cassel Community Revitalization Corporation have been retained to help implement this agenda and direct money, education and resources to New Cassel.


The New Cassel Vision Partners Task Force is the steering committee for New Cassel's Brownfields Pilot Program, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. Members of the New Cassel Vision Partners Task Force include recognized leaders, from community and civic organizations, local businesses, Roux Associates, JAC Planning and Town of North Hempstead agencies and departments.

There is a lot of momentum nationwide and locally around Brownfields redevelopment.  Supervisor May W. Newburger says, "The new Brownfields Legislation provides $60 million nationwide through the United States Department of Commerce, doubling the amount of money presently available for municipalities to assist in brownfields redevelopment efforts. The Town of North Hempstead will be working with various elected officials to bring some of these funds to our community."

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