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Town Honors Creative Young Environmentalists at Recycled Art Contest

December 12, 2014
MEDIA CONTACTS: Carole Trottere, Ryan Mulholland, Sam Marksheid, and Rebecca Cheng | (516) 869-7794

Town Honors Creative Young Environmentalists at Recycled Art Contest

New Cassel, NY – North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, the Town Board, and the Office of Sustainability invited local students and their friends and family to the North Hempstead “Yes We Can” Community Center on December 8th to the awards presentation for the 6th Annual Recycled Artwork Contest.

As part of this program, students use recyclable materials made of metals, paper, rubber, plastic or cloth and create their own unique artwork. Over 1,200 students from the nine school districts that participate in the North Hempstead School Recycling Program took part in this year’s competition.

More than two dozen students won in various categories, including Environmental Message, Best Use of Recycled Materials, Best Overall, and Creativity. Entrants were judged in the Elementary, Middle School and High School categories.

Supervisor Bosworth attended the awards ceremony and discussed how this contest promotes the Town’s environmental mission.

“It is the goal of the Town of North Hempstead to preserve the environment for future generations. Events such as this educate our children about the ways that all of us can work toward that goal,” Supervisor Bosworth said. “Whether it’s conserving water, saving energy, composting in your garden or using recycled materials to make artwork, as all of you have done here tonight, there are so many ways we can keep North Hempstead green.”

Other elected officials in attendance included Town Clerk Wayne Wink, Receiver of Taxes Charles Berman, Councilwomen Viviana Russell and Lee Seeman, and Councilman Peter Zuckerman.

More than 200 of this year’s entries will be displayed from December 8th through January 5th 2014 in the gallery at the “Yes We Can” Community Center at 141 Garden Street in New Cassel. In addition for the fifth straight year, with the help of Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, the exhibit will be displayed at the NYS Capitol in Albany.

To view North Hempstead Television’s (NHTV) coverage of the awards ceremony and pre-judging please log on to www.mynhtv.com. The program will also air each night during the week of December 29th at 7:00pm on NHTV, which is channel 18 and 63 on Cablevision at Channel 46 on Verizon FIOS.

This Year’s Winners:

Elementary School Category

John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Great Neck
Environmental Message
“Recycled Karlin”
Karlin Biederman
Grade 5

Best use of Recycled Materials
“Winter Blossoms”
Juliana Hakakian
Grade 3

Best Overall
“Corrugated Tunes”
Jenny Jiang & Sarah Hakakian
Grade 5

Saddle Rock Elementary School, Great Neck
“Tree Houses”
Jordan Nazar, Maggie Ives, Melanie Yaeger, Sofia Buziashvili,
Andie Doscher & Eden Gold
Grade 5

Parkville Early Childhood Center, Great Neck
Honorable Mention
“Going Green”
Parkville School
Grade K

Middle School Category

John F. Kennedy Elementary & Great Neck North Middle School, Great Neck
Environmental Message
“Evolution Green, The Dream”
Cheri Chu & Chloe Chu
Grades 5 & 6

New Hyde Park Memorial High School, New Hyde Park
Environmental Message
“The Caprisun Handbag”
Ashley Antony
Grade 7

Weber Middle School, Port Washington
Best use of Recycled Materials
“Recycle City”
Jill Beberman, Ellen Efkarpidis, Larissa Scaffidi, Dylan Schor, Alissa Maglione, Amanda Dalimonte & Gavin Shaub
Grade 6

Best Overall
“The Recycling Tree”
Samantha Radinsky, Shira Freilich & Sasha Hyde
Grade 6

Westbury Middle School, Westbury
“EMILY the Human Body Model”
Javier Paz, Asher Hassan, Yexon Bonilla, Kirby Lindor, Dony Escobar & Juan Lopez
Grades 7-8

Honorable Mention, New Hyde Park Memorial High School, New Hyde Park
“Harry Potter “Cubed””
Gabby Mackay
Grade 7

High School Category

Environmental Message, New Hyde Park Memorial, New Hyde Park
Christina Suresh
“The Recycling Tree”
Grade 9

Best Use of Recycled Materials
“Crush Can Box Car”
Emily Budhram
Grade 9

“la Tour Eiffel de Collage”
Sara Salomon
Grade 9

Best Overall
“Technology that has Nine Lives”
Nicole Campbell
Grade 12

Honorable Mention
“Ornament Balls”
Matthew Rowinsky
Grade 9

Group Category

John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Great Neck
4th Grade

Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck
Best Overall
“Magazine Ming”
Lakeville Elementary
Grades 1-5

The Wheatley School, East Williston
Best use of Recycled Materials
“We Love Earth We Recycle”
William Costello, Sara Creamer, James Garfield, Colin Douglas, Fiona Kachar, Taliah Lipetz, Daniel Albeg & Benjamin Mathew
Grades 9-12

Willets Road School, East Williston
Environmental Message
“We Can Do it! RECYCLE”
Willets Road School Art Club
Grades 5-7

Hillside Grade School , New Hyde Park
Honorable Mention
“A Magritte Moment”
Hillside Grade School
Grade 1

Garden City Park School & New Hyde Park Road School, New Hyde Park
Honorable Mention
“Assorted Recycled Artwork”
Garden City Park School Art & New Hyde Park Road School Art
Grade 2

Supervisor Bosworth with Grade 3 Best Use of Recycled Materials winner Julianna Hakakian of Great Neck JFK elementary, along with Sarah Hakakian, Laura Hakakian, Yvonne Khabbaza, Charles Hakakian.

Magazine Ming, created by Lakeville Elementary School

Corrugated Tunes created by Jenny Jiang and Sarah Hakakian of Great Neck JFK Elementary. Pictured here, Town Clerk Wink, Supervisor Bosworth, Councilman Zuckerman, Receiver of Taxes Berman and Councilwoman Seeman with Anna, Julianna, Sarah, and Laura Hahakian and JFK Principal Ronald Gimondo.

Charles Berman, Marjan Alagheband, Alyson Zeller and Abby Advocate-Ross of Willets Road School, Councilwoman Seeman, Supervisor Bosworth and Councilman Zuckerman in front of the “We Can Do It” project created by Willets Road School.

Jeff Freilich (father), Councilman Russell, Shira, 6th Grader, Weber Middle School, Adina Schneider (mother) and Abram (brother) in front of their best overall project, “The Recycling Tree”

From Westbury Middle Schools, Celeste Haller Teacher; Yexon Bonilla, Juan Lopez; Javier Paz; and Asher Hassan; in front of the “Emily the Human Body Model” project with Supervisor Bosworth, Receiver of Taxes Berman, Councilwoman Russell, Westbury M.S. Principal David Zimbler and Councilman Zuckerman.

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