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Town of North Hempstead Stats Serve as Report Card for Town Services

December 29, 2014
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Town of North Hempstead Stats Serve as Report Card for Town Services

North Hempstead, NY – Sixteen lane miles of roadway resurfaced, 134 dogs adopted, 200 trees planted, 30 tons of electronic waste collected, 1,644 new memberships at the “Yes We Can” Community Center and 164,670 calls placed to the Town of North Hempstead’s 311 call Center in 2014– These are just a small handful of statistics that were tallied this year by the Town of North Hempstead’s TownStat Department which collects data on how constituent concerns are addressed.

“These end-of-the-year statistics can serve as a report card for the Town,” said Supervisor Judi Bosworth. “In many ways these numbers reveal a lot about how efficiently Town government is working, how satisfied residents are and where there is room for improvement. By tracking performance and, in turn, making adjustments based on the collected data, TownStat helps the Town’s management make better decisions and do a better job on behalf of our residents.”

In 2014 the Town’s Town Stat program was recognized by the ICMA (International City/County Management Association). North Hempstead was the only government in New York to be a certificate recipient. North Hempstead is one of 50 governments nationwide to be a certificate recipient in 2014. Only Dover, New Hampshire accompanied North Hempstead in receiving a certificate from the Northeast Region of the USA. (Source: http://icma.org/en/icma/members/awards/cpm_certificate_program)

Additional statistics for the year 2014 include:

  • The Town received $1.549 M in grant funds; $2.035 M in new grant funds and $4.200 M in FEMA funds.
  • The Town’s Solid Waste Management Authority’s (SWMA) School Recycling Partnership Program recycled an estimated 536 tons of paper and 168 tons “co-mingles.”
  • The Town’s S.T.O.P. (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants) program took in 30 tons of “e-waste” and 2 tons of pharmaceuticals
  • The Building Department issued 5,262 (through November) permits in 2014.
  • The Highway Department responded to 878 constituent requests for pothole repairs and in addition, also repaired 498 potholes proactively through December 22nd.
  • The Town’s parks and pools saw lots of activity: -Clinton G. Martin: 562 new memberships, 3,722 renewed (Summer)
         - Harbor Hills: 65 new memberships, 423 renewed (Summer)
         - Manorhaven: 1,518 new memberships, 3,312 renewed (Summer only)
         - Tully: 1,435 new memberships, 2,342 renewed
         - “Yes We Can”: 1,644 new memberships, 2,362 renewed
  • North Hempstead Beach Park saw a total of 9,081 total daily passes and annual parking permits, up from last year’s 8,171.
  • Through November, the Town’s Animal Shelter saw 134 dogs adopted and 90 lost dogs reunited with their owners.
  • Filming permits topped out at 70 and brought in $86,054.31 in total revenue for the Town.

Supervisor Bosworth at a Stop Throwing Out Pollutants (S.T.O.P.) event at Tully Park in New Hyde Park in April. This program took in 30 tons of e-waste and 2 tons of pharmaceuticals in 2014.

Through November 2014, the Town’s Animal Shelter saw 134 dogs adopted and 90 lost dogs reunited with their owners. Supervisor Bosworth is seen here at the opening of new Animal Shelter kennels in May.

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