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Town Upgrades Zoning Laws

Town Upgrades Zoning Laws

Immediate ReleaseContact: David Chauvin November 23, 2005(516) 869-7794

Manhasset, NY – Supervisor Jon Kaiman and Councilman Angelo Ferrara announced that as part of the North Hempstead Planning Department’s efforts to update the Town’s Building Code, the Town Board has unanimously approved two new measures that will provide additional control over small commercial developments and require additional environmental review procedures for redevelopment of former industrial properties.

“These measures are a part of an overall effort to update the Town’s zoning code,” said Supervisor Kaiman.“By adding these additional requirements we will be able to better protect the character of our neighborhoods and communities.”

The first measure expands the Town Board’s formal site plan review authority to include sites that are less than one acre in size, where the applicant proposes development that will cover the site with buildings and pavement in an amount equal to or greater than 70% of the lot area.This will include sites that are already covered by buildings and pavement in an amount equal to or greater than 70% of the lot area on which the applicant proposes to expand the building, paving or change the use of the property. Previously, the Town Code did not require site plan review for the development of sites that are less than one acre in size or greater, except for properties located in a planned waterfront residential community.

“In the past, smaller developments could be built with little if any input from the Town Board,” added Councilman Ferrara.“Now we can require additional landscaping, appropriate lighting and review the impact on the traffic flow in the area.”

The second measure requires the submission of a Phase I Environmental Audit with every Change of Zone petition involving the rezoning of a commercial or industrial zoned property to residential zone.The historic use of properties for industrial or commercial uses increases the potential of the existence of hazardous or contaminated soil or groundwater on the site. Development of a residential use on a former industrial or commercial property provides greater pathways of exposure to possible users of the property. In an effort to further protect the health, safety and welfare of current and future residents of the Town of North Hempstead, this measure provides for greater environmental disclosure to be considered during the review and approval process.

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