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North Hempstead Town Board Approves Animal Shelter Software

April 3, 2015
MEDIA CONTACTS: Carole Trottere, Ryan Mulholland, Sam Marksheid, and Rebecca Cheng | (516) 869-7794

North Hempstead Town Board Approves Animal Shelter Software

North Hempstead, NY – At their March 31st meeting, the North Hempstead Town Board, approved the purchase of software called Shelter Pro for use by Animal Shelter and Town Clerk’s Office employees. The software allows for Town of North Hempstead employees to track various animals, complaints, adoptions, and Animal Control Officers.

The animal shelter component of the software will allow employees to create profiles for the dogs in the shelter, including their name, breed, ID tag number, rabies vaccination tag number etc. This information will allow the shelter to match dogs with prospective adopters based on desired traits like breed, age, and disposition.

“The goal of our Animal Shelter is to provide a hospitable shelter environment for our dogs, and to ultimately find them the perfect home environment,” Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth said. “This software helps us achieve that goal.”

The Shelter Pro software also generates a “DO NOT ADOPT” list, compiled from District Attorney records and other towns’ animal shelters. This feature prevents dogs from being matched with owners who have histories of animal abuse or neglect.

When the Town Clerk enters the data on dog licenses into the system, records automatically appear if the address, owner name, or dog name has been entered before, making the system more efficient and accurate. The software will also automatically generate dog license renewal letters to owners just before their current license expires.

“The Shelter Pro software allows us to process and search licenses more effectively and to keep more detailed records. What this means for residents is a more responsive, more cost effective government. This software helps us serve residents better,” said Town Clerk Wayne Wink.

For information about adopting dogs from the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter, or to report stray or troublesome dogs, dial 311 or (516) 869-6311.

Supervisor Bosworth, Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio and Councilman Peter Zuckerman with the Town’s Animal Shelter staff and dogs.


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