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Town Strengthens Noise Law


Town Strengthens Noise Law

Immediate Release - Contact: David Chauvin - March 7, 2006 (516) 869-7794

Manhasset, NY – Supervisor Jon Kaiman, Councilman Robert Troiano, and Councilman Fred L. Pollack announced today that the Town Board unanimously approved a measure last week to strengthen the Town’s noise law.

“Noise pollution is a serious problem that the Town is addressing head on,” commented Supervisor Kaiman. “We will be working towards a happier quieter community and allowing residents an opportunity to enjoy our more natural rural and wilderness areas by reducing noise pollution at the source.”

The new measure would prohibit the use of horns and or similar devices on any vehicle except in cases of emergency as set forth in the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. The Town Board’s action is designed mainly to discourage cab drivers from honking loudly in front of customer’s homes while they wait for them to come out.

“This action is being taken in response to community complaints about taxi drivers who uncaringly blast their horns as they approach a house to pick-up a passenger,” added Councilman Troiano. “It is unfair to the adjoining neighbors who report that this attack on their quality of life is carried out throughout the day and night and often blasts them out of a sound sleep. We are recommending that passengers show greater sensitivity to their neighbors by being ready to depart when the cab arrives and that dispatchers call passengers to let them know that the taxi has arrived.”

“This amendment is part of our continuing effort to strengthen our noise law,” said Councilman Fred L. Pollack, the author of new measure as well as the original law passed in 2003. “We will continue to work with community groups and individuals to assure that we are doing our best to enhance the suburban nature of our Town.”

The fine for violating this section of the law would be not less than $100 and not more than $350 or by imprisonment of not more than 10 days for the first offense; for a second offense within one year the fine ranges from $350 to $750 or by imprisonment of not more than 30 days; for a third or subsequent offense within two years, the range is $750 to $1,250 or imprisonment of not more than 60 days.

Councilman Pollack added, “The Town adopted a new noise law in October, 2003, because our prior law was ineffective and unenforceable. Instead of basing the law on decibel levels, which requires inspectors with specialized devices and training, we now base it on a combination of specific prohibitions and factors which can be enforced by either the Town’s employees or the police.”

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