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Town’s 9-11 Ceremony Highlighted by Unveiling of First 9-11 Memorial

September 14, 2015
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Town’s 9-11 Ceremony Highlighted by Unveiling of First 9-11 Memorial

Manhasset, NY – North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Town Clerk Wayne Wink, and the North Hempstead Town Board joined officials from the County and the State, as well as local veterans’ organizations, religious institutions and fire departments, to take part in the Town’s annual September 11th memorial service and to unveil the first of two planned 9-11 Memorials in the Town.

The ceremony that marked the 14th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks that killed close to 3,000 innocent victims (56 of whom lived in North Hempstead), was held at Town Hall in the Board room this year, due to inclement weather.

Town Clerk Wink, who performed the duties of master of ceremonies, offered moments of silence at 8:46 a.m. and 9:03 a.m., to mark the moments the attacks on each tower occurred.

“On September 11, all that made us different from each other seemed to fall away,” said Clerk Wink. “In that moment, the things that divided us as Americans did not seem to exist, or at least, did not seem to matter. Even though we did not all suffer the same sense of loss, we all suffered. Even though we did not all feel the same pain, we were all in pain. Even though most of us were fortunate enough to grieve with our loved ones, we all grieved for and with those who lost loved ones. But the evil that men do does not define us. Rather, the way we come together, uniting even in those moments of suffering, of pain, and of grief, is what actually has come to define us. How we came together in the face of this evil and how we persevere in its aftermath truly defines us.”

Supervisor Bosworth also addressed the attendees. “I wish I could say that today, fourteen years after 9-11, that the world is a better place. It’s not. Terrorists still threaten and perpetrate violence on the innocent. Horrific brutality is all too common and hate makes the headlines day after day after day. Make no mistake, we are at war, not with a particular country, but with the vehement rhetoric that these groups preach. The world can’t afford spectators. We must stand together to preserve and fight for the ideals of our country that we hold so dear. By doing this we honor the memories of all who senselessly lost their lives that day. They have not been forgotten.”

Each Town Councilperson read off the names of the residents from his or her district who perished on that fateful day. Audience members were also invited to speak the name of anyone who perished that day who they wished to be remembered.

Members of the Albertson Veterans of Foreign Wars presented the colors and performed Taps. Stirring musical performances were provided by Kenyo Baly of who sang the National Anthem and “Proud to be an American.” Manhasset High School student Corey McCluskey followed Rev. Charles Vogeley’s benediction with a bagpipe rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Rabbi Anchelle Perl, representing the Chabad of Mineola, gave the invocation and Elder George Teachey of the First Baptist Cathedral of Westbury and Rev. Dr. Steven D. Pierce of the Community Reformed Church both gave remarks.

Following the ceremony everyone joined the Supervisor in the second-floor lobby for the unveiling of the memorial. Armine Giorgetti of Manhasset, who lost her husband Steven on 9-11, was given the honor of presenting the display.

The Supervisor thanked the members of the 9-11 Committee and several staff members for their efforts and for making the first of two 9-11 memorials a reality. The display includes a granite plaque with the names of all 56 victims from the Town of North Hempstead and a three-foot piece of steel recovered from Ground Zero.

“As you can imagine, a project like this doesn’t happen by itself, but it is the culmination of hard work by many caring people,” Supervisor Bosworth said.

Members of the Albertson VFW Post 5253 and Supervisor Bosworth stand in front of the new 9-11 Memorial.

Town Clerk Wayne Wink welcomes the audience to the Town’s 9-11 ceremony.

Town Clerk Wayne Wink, Manhasset resident Armine Giorgetti and Supervisor Judi Bosworth as they view the 9-11 Memorial that was unveiled in Town Hall following the 9-11 ceremony.

Manhasset resident Armine Giorgetti and Supervisor Judi Bosworth view the 9-11 Memorial that was unveiled in Town Hall following the 9-11 ceremony.


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