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Supervisor Bosworth & Council Member Zuckerman Announce Additional Parking at Roslyn Train Station

August 11, 2016
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Supervisor Bosworth & Council Member Zuckerman Announce Additional Parking at Roslyn Train Station

Town re-stripes free commuter lot adding 25 additional spaces

North Hempstead, NY – Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth and Council Member Peter Zuckerman are pleased to announce that the Town-owned Long Island Railroad (LIRR) parking lot in Roslyn now has an additional 25 parking spaces, following the re-striping of the lot. The additional spaces were added to the section north of the station house and the upper level (by the entrance ramp).

The Town lot, which currently had 238 spaces, had become congested, making it difficult for commuters to find a parking space. The addition of numerous office buildings and businesses in the surrounding area have caused an increase in use of the parking lot.

“Often our Town commuters arrive at the station and cannot find a parking spot,” said Council Member Zuckerman. “We are hoping that the addition of 25 parking spaces will alleviate the lack of parking issue and will make our constituents daily commute a bit less stressful.”

“The Town has also been in discussions with the LIRR to determine if any other changes can be made to the lot that would further increase the number of available spaces,” said Supervisor Bosworth. “We are doing all that we can to alleviate the parking difficulties with some creative solutions.”

In addition, if the re-striping of the lot doesn’t prove to be an overall relief measure then the Town would move to conduct a survey among the lot’s users, to determine how often commuters use the lot, and if they would be willing to pay a permit fee for the exclusive use of the lot. The Town will proceed with input from commuters.

Supervisor Bosworth and Council Member Zuckerman at the Roslyn Long Island Rail Road station after the restriping of the parking lot.


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