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Town of North Hempstead Removes Over 192 Tons of Debris From Sheets Creek

For Immediate Release                                                       Contact: David Chauvin

October 24, 2006                                                                        (516) 869-7794

Town of North Hempstead Removes

Over 192 Tons of Debris from Sheets Creek

Port Washington, NY – North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman and Councilman Fred Pollack jointly announced today that the Town of North Hempstead had removed 192 tons of debris from Sheets Creek during the 2006 cycle of the Creek’s cleanup.

“The Town has an unwavering commitment to clean up Sheets Creek, and I’m proud to report that we removed 192 tons of debris from the Creek during the 2006 cleanup cycle,” said Supervisor Kaiman. “We removed 3 cranes, derelict floats, trailers, machinery, abandoned vessels and general debris during the summer cleanup and the Town Board has recently approved removing a pile driver as soon as possible.”

45.4 tons were removed in May, 2006, 120.89 in June and 25.92 in July. The task is complicated since State regulations require that the bed of the Creek not be roiled during the removal process.

“The restoration of Sheets Creek is a goal I committed to many years ago and have been working to fulfill. This year’s effort is another significant step towards reaching that goal,” Councilman Polack added. “Once we have completed this part of the process, we will be able to return the Creek to its former status as a boating and recreational asset.”


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