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Supervisor and Town Board Honor 10 Local Regeneron Semifinalists

March 7, 2017
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Supervisor and Town Board Honor 10 Local Regeneron Semifinalists

North Hempstead, NY –The Town of North Hempstead continued its tradition of honoring semifinalists from the Regeneron Science Talent Search, formally known as the Intel STS, during a ceremony before the regular Town Board meeting at Town Hall on February 28. The Regeneron STS is the nation’s most prestigious science research competition for high school seniors and requires students to present original research to nationally recognized scientists.

Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth and the Town Board honored 22 semifinalists from six North Hempstead schools. Honorees came from Herricks High School, Great Neck South High School, Great Neck North High School, Paul D. Schreiber High School, Manhasset High School and Roslyn High School.
Dozens of proud family members, administration and school faculty looked on as Supervisor Bosworth and the Town Board presented certificates of recognition to the extraordinary young students who briefly explained their innovative projects.

“It is always a pleasure to welcome and honor the semi-finalists of the Regeneron Science Talent Search. These students have the brightest and most creative scientific minds in the Town of North Hempstead,” said Supervisor Bosworth. “After hearing about their different projects, we know that they will go on to do great things.”

Below is a list of this year’s semifinalists with their project titles:

Great Neck North High School:

• Patrick Gao: Development of an Automated Feedback Loop for the Geometric Stabilization of Taylor Cones in Low Flow-Rate Magnetoelectrosprays

Great Neck South High School:
• Lynn Hlaing: Modulating LRRK2 Kinase Domain through an FDA Approved Compound (not present)

• Matthew Ko: Extraction of the Specific Shear Viscosity of the Quark-Gluon Plasma from Measurements of Flow Harmonics in Au + Au Collisions at 200 GeV

• Olivia Lundelius: Sorting Microfossil Concentrate under Ultraviolet and Daylight Conditions using a Support Vector Machine

• Rubin Smith: Modeling Topography and Mammal Species Diversity within the Western U.S Basin and Range from 36Ma.
• Yujia Su: Groundwater Contaminant EDC: A Potential Hazard on Human Nervous System (not present)
• Jaysen Zhang: A Cell Culture Model of Glutamine Addiction in Cancer via the c-Myc--Sirt5--Glutaminase Axis (not present)

Herricks High School:

• Alan Chen: Understanding the Mobility of Important Trace Elements During Basalt Weathering with Implications for the Mars 2020 Rover Mission

• Bongseok Jung: Investigating the Therapeutic Potential of Simultaneous COX2 and Bcl-2 inhibition: Using Salicin and ABT-199 to Propose a Safe, Selective, and Potent Treatment Approach for Colorectal Cancer

Nora Koe : Shorter Shares for Formula Secret Sharing

• Setu Mehta: IRF5 Deficiency Leads to Increased Proliferation in Luminal Epithelial Cells, Contributing to Mammary Tumorigenesis

• Natalie Tan : The Effect of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Exposure on Undifferentiated and Differentiated U937 Cell Susceptibility to Staphylococcus aureus infection and Dextran Bacterial Antiadhesive Properties in Adipose-derived Stromal Cells

Manhasset High School:

 • Riya Gilja: Biodegradable Drug Eluding Stents vs. Drug Eluding Stents vs. Bare Metal Stents: A Comparative Study on Coronary Stenting

• Michael Lee :MFT: Improving Shallow CNN Object Tracking with Domain-Separated Feeds

• Parker Van Roy Differing Forms of Capillaries on Liquid Draw Height and an Expansion upon Young's Law

Roslyn High School:

• Yena Kim  Should Men Woman Up for Female-Dominated Fields? The Effect of Gendered Traits on Perceptions of Elementary School Teachers

Paul D. Schreiber High School

• Samantha D’Alonzo : Statistical Modeling and SIR Modeling in New York State Counties of Syndrome X based on Text Based Indicators from Social Media and Food Environment

• Maria Kogan :Constructing a Viral Integration Visualizer: an application for analyzing the patterns of viral integrations and their impact on surrounding genes on the human genome.

• Dylan Langone: A Search for Astrophysical Gravitational Waves Using LIGO S6 Data

• Michael Nachman:  An Analysis of Presidential Primaries as General Election Predictors

• Lauren Seidman : Doctor Facilitated Denial: A Barrier to End of Life Planning Among COPD Patients

• Allison Winter: Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus (not present)


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