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ToNH Councilwoman Lee Seeman Urges Owners To Clearly Number Their Properties

For Immediate Release                             Contact: Justin Meyers
July 27, 2007                                                       (516) 869-7794


Manhasset, NY Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Kaiman and Councilwoman Lee Seeman today urged property owners in the town to follow the requirements of Chapter 10 of the Town Code and clearly number their properties.

“Section 1 of Chapter 10 of the Town Code requires owners of property to clearly number their properties, and I strongly urge compliance,” Councilwoman Seeman said. “The absence of numbers on homes and businesses represents a safety risk we cannot afford to take. Without clearly numbered properties, fire, police, ambulance and other first responders may have difficulty finding a particular site, and the delay in arriving at the site may endanger lives.”

Under Section 1, the “owner, lessee or other person in charge of any building in the Town of North Hempstead, shall cause the proper street number or numbers of such building to be displayed at the entrance or at the nearest practical point of the entrance of such building, in such place that the street number or numbers may at all times be plainly legible from the sidewalk or street in front of such building…”

“Regrettably,” Councilwoman Seeman added, “many owners choose to ignore this law. While the absence of proper numbering may simply prove an inconvenience to visitors or pizza delivery workers, the lack of proper numbering can create a dangerous situation when it comes to emergency responders. I urge all of our residents to comply with this law.”

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