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Town Board Approves Stricter Tethering Laws for Dogs & Extension of Shoreline Trail

 June 27, 2019
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Town Board Approves Stricter Tethering Laws for Dogs & Extension of Shoreline Trail

North Hempstead, NY – Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth and Town Board members approved a series amendments and new regulations to the Town code aimed to look out for man’s best friend--dogs. The changes to the code call for dog owners to provide suitable food, water, shelter and dry ground when a dog is tethered outside, among other humane restrictions. The law also prohibits the use of choke collars and other similar collars that impair the flow of oxygen or cause discomfort to a dog. It also limits the amount of time that a dog can be kept outdoors and prohibits a dog from being tethered outside when the temperature is below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees. For the full law see: https://northhempsteadny.gov/Proposed-Local-Laws

“We are speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves,” said Supervisor Bosworth. “Dogs depend on humans to care and protect them. We believe that these new amendments and regulations will provide a safer, more humane environment for any dogs that are kept outdoors by their owners.”

In other business:

• The Town Board also awarded a contract to Galvin Brothers for $1.08 million to expand the Hempstead harbor Shoreline Trail. The contract will be partially funded by $450,000 in grants and will expand the trail about one mile south.

• The 200 acres of woodlands located across the street from North Hempstead Beach park was renamed Hempstead Harbor Woods, by a unanimous vote by the Board. The woods is the location of the future mountain bike trail and hiking trail.

• The Town Board also extended a building moratorium for three additional months to allow time for further changes to the proposed zoning code that regulates the waterfront business district in Port Washington. The moratorium has been in effect for 18 months. The Town’s Planning Department has worked on reshaping the code following several community meetings to gather input. Under the proposed code, residential development would be banned and no structure taller than 35 feet could be built along the waterfront district.

• The Board also authorized the submission of a grant to the Department of Homeland Security’s Security Grant Program to fund a 32-foot patrol boat for Town’s Harbor Patrol. The grant would fund 75% of the cost of the boat and the Town would be responsible for the remaining 25%.

The next Town Board meeting is on July 9 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall, 220 Plandome Road in Manhasset.


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