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Town Announces “Summer of Clean” Campaign Huge Success

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Town Announces “Summer of Clean” Campaign Huge Success

Green Team Removes 2479 Pounds of Trash and Debris

(Manhasset, NY) – North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman announced the town’s Summer of Clean campaign a huge success. The green team removed over 2479 pounds of trash and debris this summer with the help of residents and the Town’s 311 system.

Begun in June, the “Summer of Clean” was an expansion of the Town’s already existing Green Team program, an initiative to remove garbage from roadways, sidewalks, business districts and communities. Residents were urged during the campaign to call 311 to report litter or debris anywhere in the town. With more then 20 employees specifically designated to the Green Team, in teams of two to six, this intensive campaign was designed to respond quickly and efficiently to resident reports of litter anywhere in the town.

“I’m pleased to report that through our summer of clean initiative, and with the involvement of our residents, the Town has accomplished everything it set out to do in this effort,” Kaiman said. “Although these trash and debris removal efforts will continue year-round, we made it a particular priority this summer to visibly enhance the beauty of our Town—and we succeeded.”

For the last two years, members of the Green Team have been deployed throughout various commercial areas of the Town and this resulted in the removal of nearly 40,000 pounds of trash and debris from streets and public areas.

“The Summer of Clean campaign and the green team as a whole is a proactive-not-reactive measure,” Councilman Tom Dwyer said. “This program was designed to help maintain the beauty and high standard of living we have come to expect in the Town of North Hempstead.”

This summer, the green team concept was expanded in a number of ways. Additional personnel were hired, they were tasked with removing debris of all sizes (not just litter), their services were no longer restricted to only commercial areas and the program went live on 311 so that residents could participate in the cleanup by alerting the Town to accumulations of trash and debris requiring removal.

As a result, more than a ton of trash and debris were removed this summer alone, under an intensified project named the “2007 Summer of Clean” campaign. The Town’s 311 service received calls every week from residents reporting accumulations of trash and debris, and these accumulations were removed almost immediately.

Kaiman reiterated his request to residents to call 311 to report trash and debris. “With the help of our residents,” he added, “we’ll continue to beautify our Town and enhance its environment. Resident involvement is now just a call to 311.”

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