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A Town Traffic Safety Reminder About Great Neck School Openings

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Great Neck, NY (September 4, 2007) – Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman and Councilwoman Maria-Christina Poons urge all drivers to obey traffic and vehicular laws, signals and signs with the opening of the new school year.

Supervisor Kaiman noted that the Town has taken a strong and highly responsive leadership position in this regard. He stated that “this past year residents have seen new traffic signage and improvements along various streets. I am very proud of our safety efforts and achievements. It is critical that we continue to improve pedestrian walkability and safety.”

Councilwoman Poons stated, “I also want to remind everyone how important it is that students have a safe riding and walking environment to and from school. I urge drivers not to pass stopped school buses and emergency vehicles and to not go through red lights and STOP signs. Sadly, this is happening more frequently.”

She is also asking them “to be courteous and more patient when driving, and, in particular, to wait and make sure that pedestrians who are crossing the street get to the other side safely. This is a quality of life issue. Please slow down. We need to ensure our friends and families safety,” she noted.

She has been working very closely with the Nassau County Police Department’s 6th Precinct and the Town of North Hempstead’s Parking Enforcement Division about some of North Hempstead’s traffic safety issues. For example, residents will notice more speed monitors in place at various locations throughout the year. In addition, The Town’s Highways department has striped heavily trafficked streets, and installed more traffic signage. In some locations, Nassau County has installed pedestrian countdown crosswalk signals.

“I am asking that residents take note of these traffic safety improvements and features. School is opening again and I hope that the Great Neck driving community will come together and ensure that our students are safe along our roads,” Councilwoman Poons urged.

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