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Town Breaks Ground on Nearly One-Mile Extension of Hempstead Harbor Shoreline Trail

 August 21, 2019
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Town Breaks Ground on Nearly One-Mile Extension of Hempstead Harbor Shoreline Trail

North Hempstead, NY – North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Council Member Dina De Giorgio and the Town Board, announced today that the Hempstead Harbor Shoreline Trail extension is under way, which will increase the length of the trail nearly another mile, making the length a total of almost 2 miles.

“North Hempstead residents should be lacing up their hiking boots because this next extension of the Hempstead Harbor Trail is going to make our trail one of the longest continuous trail in Nassau County,” said Town Supervisor Bosworth, “This wonderful recreational feature of our parks systems truly makes this a destination for anyone who wishes to enjoy nature and the beautiful scenery here along the harbor. I hope it is well-utilized by everyone!”

“Our beautiful waterfront and waterways are what make Port Washington and the Manhasset Peninsula such a special place to call home,” said Council Member De Giorgio. “These new trails will help preserve our public waterfront and allow our residents a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Hempstead Harbor.”

The current trail, which begins at North Hempstead Beach Park, runs south adjacent to West Shore Road. The first two phases of the trail project were completed in 2014. This new extension, phases 3 and 4 of the project, will take the trail south of North Hempstead Beach Park, southeast along the shoreline of Hempstead Harbor, continuing in a southerly direction along the shoreline, and ending just south of Harbor Park Drive S.

The construction of the trail is a joint venture by Galvin Brothers, Inc. and Madhue Contracting, Inc.

Eric Swenson, Executive Director of the Hempstead Harbor Protection Committee said, “Shoreline trails provide an excellent and easy way for the public to access and enjoy their waterfronts. In many parts of the country, the public is denied access to nearby waterfronts because the land is privately owned. Hempstead Harbor is fortunate not only to have a good portion of its shores publicly-owned, but to have several waterfront trails. The crown jewel of these trails is the Town of North Hempstead’s Shoreline Trail, which provides breathtaking views of the lower harbor, its wildlife and historic sites. When you walk along North Hempstead’s trail, you can enjoy a break from all the hustle and bustle around you. The extended trail makes this experience even more rewarding.”

Carol DiPaolo, Programs Director of the Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor, said “The extension of the trail following the harbor’s western shore marks another outstanding improvement for Hempstead Harbor. The trail provides a great educational opportunity by affording community residents access to the water’s edge so they can observe the shore birds and marine life that depend on the harbor for their habitat.”

The estimated completion date is the end of 2019. For the duration of the construction the previously-completed trail will be open to the public.

The Supervisor said that a long term vision could be to have the trail link up with downtown Roslyn and continue up to Glenwood Landing.


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