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Town of North Hempstead - Statement on ExteNet
Town of North Hempstead - Statement on ExteNet

The Town of North Hempstead has taken every legal measure to challenge ExteNet from establishing 16 cell nodes in Port Washington. As a result, ExteNet sued the Town in Federal Court. After extensive Federal judicial proceedings, the Town's application for a stay pending the appeal was denied. Although the Town is aggressively pursuing the appeal process against ExteNet, the Town has now been ordered by a Federal Court to issue the Right of Way Agreement and antenna location permits by today (Friday, July 31, 2020). The Town is vigorously pursuing all potential avenues on behalf of the community and its residents to demand that ExteNet move all cell nodes away from residential homes.

Inexcusably, Federal Law gives corporations like ExteNet and Verizon unprecedented authority to overrule state and local governments in their plans to establish cell nodes -- not just in our town, but in every township and local government in the country. We will be reaching out to other municipalities on Long Island and working with all levels of government to demand that this law be repealed as this issue is certainly not unique to our area.

We expect and demand that corporations in our town conduct themselves as good corporate neighbors. ExteNet and Verizon's failure to do so will require our town, and other towns, to take unprecedented steps to stand up to this egregious abuse of authority.
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