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Town Board Votes Unanimously to Change Zoning In Port Washington

Immediate Release                        Contact:David Chauvin

February 17, 2004                                    (516) 410-8832

Town Board Votes Unanimously to Change Zoning In Port Washington


Manhasset, NY – The North Hempstead Town Board vote unanimously at Tuesday's meeting to change the zoning of Second and Third Avenues, between Main Street and Carlton Avenue, from multiple residence district to residence C district.  The resolution, which was introduced by Councilman Fred Pollack (D-Port Washington), will prevent multifamily high density dwelling and allow single family dwellings consistent with the surrounding neighborhood.


"The potential for over-development of this area was a dagger aimed right at the heart of out community," stated councilman Pollack.  "This is just one step in a continuing process through which we hope to mitigate over-development in the years ahead.  But it is an important action that should make it clear that we are determined to meet the challenge presented by those who seek to build as much as they can on as little land as possible."


"This change will help insure the quality of life for all Port Washington residents and will reduce the potential for additional traffic, parking, and water use, as well as other negative impacts that come with high density use," said Supervisor Kaiman.  "Too often overdevelopment compromises our quality of life.  This change in zoning will prevent that."


            The previous zoning allowed for as many as 83 units on the affected lots.  The new zoning will limit development to approximately 23 single family homes. 


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