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Town Seeks Resident Input on Proposed Tree Policy and Tree-related Local Laws

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19, 2021
MEDIA CONTACTS: Gordon Tepper, Rebecca Cheng, Matthew Leonenko and Michael Anderson | (516) 869-7794

Town Seeks Resident Input on Proposed Tree Policy and Tree-related Local Laws

North Hempstead, NY – Supervisor Judi Bosworth, Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey, and the Town Board have recently unveiled two draft local laws and an amended proposed tree policy pertaining to tree preservation and tree removal. These new preliminary drafts were crafted in large part based on resident input that had been previously received, and the Town is now seeking comments from the broader North Hempstead community.

“We look forward to continuing the conversation and hearing additional feedback from our residents about the new proposed changes to the tree policy and local laws,” said Supervisor Judi Bosworth. “We know how important trees are to our way of life and our environment. In North Hempstead, we believe that everyone should have a seat at the table and their voices heard. We hope residents will join us in this collaborative process.”

Proposed amendments to the Town Code cover tree removal when done with an activity requiring a building permit, tree removal in the public right-of-way, and tree removal from the front yard of private property. Additional features in the proposal would establish a tree preservation fund and a tree advisory committee. The tree policy addresses sidewalk projects, a process for right-of-way tree removal by permit applications, guidelines for tree removal when tree roots infiltrate a house connection sewer, and tree replanting.

“I would like to thank all of the constituents who have reached out to me with their input and suggestions so far,” said Council Member Veronica Lurvey. “Our trees are important on so many levels, and by adopting smart tree preservation policies today we will be doing the right thing for future generations. This is not my tree code, but your tree code. We welcome all comments, because our goal is to present a tree code and policies that work throughout the entire Town.”

The public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24, 2021 and discussions will be continued to the Thursday, March 18, 2021 Town Board meeting.

To view the plan, visit: www.northhempsteadny.gov/treepolicy. Comments related to the preliminary draft tree proposals can be emailed to: TreeCodeComments@northhempsteadny.gov for consideration and will not be made part of the formal record. Comments that will be made part of the formal record can be emailed to: comments@northhempsteadny.gov


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