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Town Board Working Collaboratively with Supervisor-Elect DeSena as Transition Progresses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2021
MEDIA CONTACTS: Gordon Tepper, Rebecca Cheng and Michael Anderson | (516) 869-7794

Town Board Working Collaboratively with Supervisor-Elect DeSena as Transition Progresses 

North Hempstead, NY – Members of the North Hempstead Town Board are continuing to help acclimate and provide support to incoming Town Supervisor-Elect Jen DeSena as she prepares to take office in January. As was always intended, it was confirmed that the budgeted amount for the Supervisor's Office would stay the same as was unanimously approved by the Town Board at the October 28 meeting, allowing the new Supervisor to fill dedicated positions reporting directly to her.

“With a new supervisor taking office in January, we are doing what we can to ensure a steady transition,” stated Council Member Veronica Lurvey. “As we enter this next phase of Town government, all of us recognize the need to protect the progress that has been made. We will continue our efforts to work collaboratively on solutions that will benefit the Town and its residents.”

"In the spirit of good government, our team is committed to bipartisan cooperation," remarked Council Member Peter Zuckerman. "All seven members of the Board are responsible for determining the Town's overall vision. The only way the Town's workforce can successfully carry out that vision is if the elected officials work together and provide clear guidance."

“All Town Board members play a significant role in town government, and we are each accountable to the residents,” commented Council Member Mariann Dalimonte. “I am proud to be part of the team that will ensure Town government runs optimally and cohesively without confusion."

Serving nearly 250,000 constituents, the North Hempstead administration consists of a seven-member board, including the Supervisor and six council members, all of whom have an equal vote.

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