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Town Introduces New Mobile Enforcement System

Immediate Release                                     Contact: Justin Meyers
April 17, 2008                                                        (516) 869-7794

Town Introduces New Mobile Enforcement System

Electronic citation system to issue tickets in seconds

Manhasset, NY – North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman announced today that the town introduced a cutting edge electronic Mobile Enforcement System (MES), replacing the traditional paper-based citation systems, currently used by Public Safety officers to issue parking violations. MES is a handheld electronic ticketing device that reduces the contact time between law enforcement officials and violators, increasing productivity and efficiency, generates professional and easy to read citations and eliminates data entry errors.

“The Town will continue to integrate new technology to make our code enforcement system more efficient,” said Supervisor Kaiman. “Our goal is to minimize the citation issuance process for each vehicle, which will result in rapid field decisions and reduced operating expenses.”

Public Safety officers will now issue citations electronically, through a system that is both cost-effective and reliable. The system works by the officer scanning a vehicle registration decal using a bar code scanner on the wireless device. Once completed, the officer will input the location and violation details directly into the device. Finally, the violation will be transmitted to a central database to be recorded and the citation will print in less than 10 seconds on mobile thermal paper.

“The Casio IT-3000 all in one integrated industrial hand held computer has been well received in the parking and law enforcement sector,” said Eric Lenhard of Casio, the company from which North Hempstead will purchase the MES. “The unique ability of the IT-3000 to combine a printer and hand held computer in one device with 2D barcode scanning capability has led to the wide spread adoption of the platform.”

Supervisor Kaiman added, “North Hempstead expects the new citation system to alleviate some of the stress associated with receiving a parking violation.”

The Town of North Hempstead will use the Casio model wireless ticketing device, above, to ensure rapid and accurate citations.

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