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Town Reminds Residents How to Reduce Stormwater Pollution

MEDIA CONTACTS: Gordon Tepper, Rebecca Cheng and Michael Anderson | (516) 869-7794

Town Reminds Residents How to Reduce Stormwater Pollution  

North Hempstead, NY – The Town of North Hempstead would like to remind residents how to prevent and reduce stormwater pollution this fall by providing some helpful tips.

Stormwater is the result of the water from rain or melting snow that flows into drainage infrastructure, like storm drains and catch basins. This untreated water does not absorb into the ground, but instead migrates into our local waterways and streams. Untreated stormwater can carry debris and pollutants which can lead to the destruction of aquatic life and habitats and even impact the quality of our drinking water.

It is simple and easy to do your part in helping to prevent stormwater pollution in the autumn. Follow tips to keep our waterways clean:

• Clean leaves to help prevent them from entering waterways. Dispose of them using a compostable yard waste bag or in a composter
• Never dump garbage or yard waste in a stormwater drain
• Use fertilizers and grass seeds according to their instructions. Excessive amounts will be washed way during a rainstorm
• Always remember to properly dispose of pet waste. It contains harmful bacteria that can contaminate our watershed
• Periodically check your cars for leaks. Oil or other fluids will be washed into the storm drain and our waterways when it rains


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