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Town Board rescinds “accessory apartment” law

Town Board rescinds “accessory apartment” law

Ferrara calls major victory for residents

The Town of North Hempstead Town Board tonight voted unanimously to overturn a controversial law that revised the mother-daughter housing law removing the relationship requirement and allowing up to three unrelated persons to live in a single-family dwelling.

Councilman Angelo P. Ferrara, the lone Republican on the Board, last month was the first to call for the amended law to be repealed and tonight formally introduced legislation doing so.

Following the board’s vote, Councilman Ferrara said, “This is a major victory for the residents of the town. Many of them told us they were unhappy with the law, so I led the charge to reverse the code.”

Councilman Ferrara had also said that his office had been flooded with phone calls and emails from residents. “Almost every person that contacted me wanted this law repealed,” continued Ferrara. In addition, over 1300 town residents attended a public meeting on September 16 at the New Hyde Park Memorial High School asking for this law to be reversed. “That sent a strong message. I’m very happy that all of my colleagues on the Town Board agreed with me and the residents that this was the right course of action.”

The original intent of the law had been to allow senior citizens to rent out a portion of their home so that they would have additional income while providing a safe, legal living environment for young residents to stay in the town. The law must now be filed with the Secretary of State’s office before taking effect.

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