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Town Announces 2024 Rain Barrel & Composter Sales


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Town Announces 2024 Rain Barrel & Composter Sales


North Hempstead, NY – North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jennifer DeSena and the Town Board are pleased to announce the return of rain barrel and composter sales this June. Composting and using a rain barrel are constructive ways to contribute to environmental sustainability, while simultaneously benefiting you and your family.


Incorporating a rain barrel and composter into your home can effectively reduce water costs, keep the town’s waterways clean, and provide a natural water source for plants and gardens. These practices help to reduce the amount of pollutant pollution that enter storm drains, enhancing the health of our environment and your wallet.


“At North Hempstead, we’re always looking for ways to make our town more environmentally friendly,” Supervisor DeSena said. “This summer’s Composter and Rain Barrel Sale really lets us expand that effort beyond government services to partner with residents. These bins and barrels strike a balance between affordability and sustainability, so I encourage all our neighbors to take advantage!”

Composters break down yard and kitchen waste into a nutrient rich soil amendment which provides numerous other benefits. It reduces waste in landfills and combustion facilities, adds valuable plant nutrients and improves soil structure, suppresses plant diseases, lessens the need for fertilizers and pesticides, and prevents soil erosion and nutrient runoff.


Rain barrels are containers that collect rainwater from roofs that can be used for irrigation of lawns and gardens. One of their main benefits is conserving water that comes from Long Island’s underground aquifers, which provide 100% of Long Island’s potable water. They also allow users to save money and reduce stormwater pollution.




“I sponsored this program because I’m a garden enthusiast, and I know that many neighbors would like these products,” said Councilman Edward Scott. “They reduce waste, conserve water, and ultimately decrease the amount of synthetic fertilizer we use, which means we’re all healthier and happier. And at virtually no cost to our town, it’s a win all around.”


This year, the town partnered with BrandBuilders LLC, a company that has worked with other Long Island towns to provide residents access to affordable sustainability options. Residents can purchase their rain barrel and/or composter online at www.northhempstead.compostersale.com and then pick up their purchase at North Hempstead Beach Park (175 West Shore Road, Port Washington), in the North Lot near the administration building, adjacent to the ballfield.


Residents must bring a driver’s license or proof of residency when picking up purchases and advise the lot attendant that they are picking up those sustainability purchases to avoid any parking fees.


Pickup will be held on the following dates:


Friday, June 21: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturday, June 22: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


More sale and pick up dates will follow throughout the year.


For more information, please phone the Town’s Call Center at 311 or (516) 869-6311


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