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Town Announces Post-Holiday E-Waste Collection Event

For Immediate Release                                              Contact: Collin Nash or Sid Nathan

December 11, 2009                                                                                   (516) 869 7794

North Hempstead Supervisor to Residents: Don’t Dump Your Unwanted Electronics This Holiday Season



North Hempstead, NY—Arguably, electronics rank among the most popular gifts atop many people’s holiday wish list, adult and children alike.


High on Supervisor Jon Kaiman’s and the North Hempstead Town Board’s holiday wish list is a hope for everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season.


At the same time, the Supervisor also wishes to take this opportunity to urge those fortunate enough to snag that electronic gizmo they’ve been eyeing for months to recycle their unwanted electronic gadgets, whether it’s outdated or just simply seen better days.


The Supervisor reminded residents that “improperly disposed of, electronic products—which often contain lead, mercury and arsenic among other toxins—could, if land filled, contaminate underground aquifers, Long Island’s primary source of drinking water.”


Collected electronic waste will be hauled off by the town’s current e-waste recycler, who disassembles the items, salvages the useable parts, separates out potentially damaging materials such as cathode ray tubes, and sells recyclables.


Part of the groundbreaking, award-winning School Recycling Partnership Program, this e-waste initiative is made possible through a partnership with the schools to establish it in each district.


Following are the e-waste collection dates and drop-off locations:


Great Neck

Wed Jan 13 & Thurs Jan 14

North Middle School

Parkwood Parking Lot -- Arrandale Ave.



Thurs Jan 14 & Fri Jan 15th

Manhasset Middle/High School

200 Memorial Place



Monday Jan 11 & Tues Jan 12th

Herricks Community Center

999 Herricks Road

Port Washington

Wed Jan 20 & Thurs Jan 21

Sousa Elementary School

101 Sands Point Road


Hours are from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


E-waste disposal is available to residents every Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the drop-off facility located at 999 West Shore Rd., Port Washington.


On behalf of basements everywhere,” Supervisor Kaiman said, “I urge you to recycle your electronic waste. It’s a win, win undertaking, freeing up valuable space while at the same time protecting the environment.”


For more information, please call 311 if within the Town or (516) 869 6311 if outside the Town.




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