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Town Joins With Local Chinese Group to Host Students’ Artwork now in Town Hall Exhibit


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April 19, 2011                                                                                                                                                              (516) 869-7794

Town Joins With Local Chinese Group to Host Students’ Artwork now in Town Hall Exhibit

Manhasset, NY— Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the Town Board recently took yet another step into the world of the arts, partnering with two school districts and the Chinese American Association of North Hempstead to set up an exhibit of paintings and sketches in Town Hall.

The exhibit, An Artistic Journey Through Ancient Chinese Symbols, created by 1st-12th graders in the Herricks and Manhasset School Districts and range from water colors to wall hangings.

Currently on display on the second floor of Town Hall, the exhibit runs until May 5. An award ceremony will be held May 3 prior to the regularly-scheduled Town Board meeting.

“Our young peoples’ participation in endeavors like this, and the upcoming film festival gives me high hopes of North Hempstead becoming one of the area’s primary centers for the arts in the near future,” said Supervisor Kaiman.

The contest and ongoing exhibit is a means of furthering the mission of CAANH to promote cultural awareness by introducing Chinese customs and traditions to the community, officials of the organization said.

Depicting an array of Chinese symbols, such as the dragon, vast majority of the artwork also featured calligraphy.

Karen Renna, an art teacher at Herricks High School said she seized on the opportunity to infuse calligraphy in the artwork as a reminder that it has always been an art form in Chinese culture.

“It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and energy generated by this,” she said, referring to the exhibit. “They did a phenomenal job.”

Councilwoman Maria Christina Poons said it was “satisfying to see our young people exploring such an ancient culture through the medium of visual art.”

Undertakings like this can only help to unite North Hempstead’s increasingly diverse population, said Receiver of Taxes Charles Berman. “This is a wonderful experience,” he said.

Councilwoman Maria-Christina Poons, Receiver of Taxes Charles Berman, Councilwoman Lee Seeman stand with CAANH officials and art teachers throughout Manhasset and Herricks.

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