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North Hempstead Hosts Second Annual Black History Month Presentation

MEDIA CONTACTS: Collin Nash & Sid Nathan | (516) 869-7794

North Hempstead Hosts Second Annual Black History Month Presentation

Westbury, NY – Paying tribute to North Hempstead’s broadening ethnic diversity, Supervisor Jon Kaiman, Councilwoman Viviana Russell and the North Hempstead Town Board announced a black history month presentation featuring performances drawing on key elements of the African American experience, music, dance and the spoken word.

North Hempstead’s 2nd Annual Black History Month program will take place at Westbury High School on February 16. The presentation kicks off at 6:30 pm.

“I am extremely proud to be leading this Town at a time when our population is becoming this incredibly diverse mosaic of cultures,” said Supervisor Jon Kaiman. “Plans are to continue celebrating North Hempstead’s cultural diversity through festivals and presentations showcasing the myriad of ethnic traditions in our midst.”

The Black History Month program will not only feature music and movement, but Westbury School students will also tell stories of African American figures that played prominent roles in the history of North Hempstead.

The program will kick off with an entrance by a duo of drummers that will explore rhythms from Mali, a former West African empire where the percussion instrument originated and was used to gather the community for special events such as weddings, births and christenings.

Also in attendance will be Sanaa Movement, a Westbury-based group whose choreography captures the essence of liturgical dance. The Westbury Middle School Drum Bucket will perform as well.

“The Town of North Hempstead has a rich history filled with prominent figures of African descent such as Hannah Townsend and Charles Levi to name a few,” said Councilwoman Viviana Russell, North Hempstead’s first African American Town Board member. “I am honored to have the opportunity to help shed light on some of their contributions to this great Town.”

The public is invited. For more information please call 311 or visit www.northhempsteadny.gov.
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