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TONH Announces First S.T.O.P., E-Waste and Pharmaceutical Event of 2012

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TONH Announces First S.T.O.P., E-Waste and Pharmaceutical Event of 2012
North Hempstead, NY — With spring on the horizon and spring-cleaning on the minds of households everywhere, Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the Town Board announced North Hempstead’s first collection event of the year, providing residents with a one-stop venue where they can safely dispose of everything from unwanted sensitive documents to potentially-harmful products.

Operated under the banner of the Stop Throwing Out Pollutants (STOP) program, the multi-pronged collection event will take place Saturday March 31, from 9:30am to 3:00 pm at Michael J. Tully Park, 1801 Evergreen Ave., New Hyde Park.

“The times are rife with numerous threats to our environment, our identities and our young people,” Supervisor Jon Kaiman said, pointing to the danger posed by the improper disposal of hazardous household waste, identity theft and the prescription drug abuse epidemic. “To address these concerns, North Hempstead offers residents a convenient, one-stop opportunity to get rid of potentially damaging products.”

Separate stations at the collection site will be set up to accept:
  • Aerosols, household chemicals, pesticides, disinfectants, fertilizers, compact fluorescent bulbs, thermostats, as well as rechargeable and lithium batteries and oil-based paints. Note: latex and water-based paints, once dried out (usually 24-36 hours after the lid is removed) can be placed in a trash bag and thrown out with your regular household garbage. Latex and water--based paints will not be accepted.
  • Electronic waste including TV’s, computers, printers, VCRs, stereos, copiers, cell phones and fax machines. Improperly disposed of, electronic products, which contain lead, mercury and arsenic among other toxins, could contaminate underground aquifers, Long Island’s primary source of drinking water.
  • Unused and unwanted prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines The Center for Disease Control report that over half the teens who abuse prescription painkillers say they get them from home of family and friends. By bringing this service to each community, North Hempstead is keeping our children and our environment safe. In the two years since the program debuted as Long Island’s first pharmaceutical collection event, more than two tons of unwanted pharmaceuticals have been collected.
  • Safe shredding and disposal of personal documents, including paper, CD’s, DVD’s, discs, X-rays, pill bottles and credit cards. Shredding and properly disposing of sensitive personal information minimizes the opportunity for identity theft, while at the same help protect the environment. Once shredded at the collection site, the materials are placed into containers and sent directly to pulping mills across the country.
  • Gently-used clothes, stuffed animals, toys, sporting equipment, shoes, books, small area rugs, bikes, scooters, luggage, picture frames, table lamps, bolts of fabric, knickknacks, silverware, glassware, dishes, and cosmetics. With the volume of discarded clothing in the US climbing to an all-time high and comprising more than 4% of the municipal solid waste stream, the Town of North Hempstead has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to host the used clothes /bric-a-brac component of this sweeping collection event.

“With each recycling opportunity we offer we come closer to our goal to change the nature of garbage,” Supervisor Kaiman said. “We want people to reduce, reuse and recycle everything possible.”

For more information on the S.T.O.P. program, please call 311.

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