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North Hempstead Launches “Recycle the Rain” Program

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North Hempstead Launches “Recycle the Rain” Program
North Hempstead, NY– Advancing his ongoing mission to keep North Hempstead green, Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the North Hempstead Town Board announced a new environmental initiative that aims to protect the environment and conserve water thereby reducing water bills. Dubbed “Recycle the Rain,” the program offers residents 50-gallon rain barrels discounted rate of $50. The latest in a growing collection of environmental initiatives, the “Recycle the Rain” program can save residents as much as 1,800 gallons of water in one season.

“This is about rethinking how we sustain our local environment, even down to our own property, our own house, and to get people to think differently about how we utilize natural resources that are available to us such as rainwater, compost, leaves, paper, plastics, all the things that can be reused, and have a financial and environmental benefit as well as create a cultural change in how we use and reuse things,” said Supervisor Kaiman.

Over recent years, North Hempstead has launched a number of environmental initiatives including composting, a plastic caps recycling program in partnership with cosmetic giant Estee Lauder, a school recycling program in which nine of the town’s 11 school districts recycle plastic bottles and paper, a virtual recycling store, and e-waste and pharmaceutical collection, among others.

Leading environmental organizations noted that rain barrels help to keep waterways free of storm water runoff, which can seriously pollute streams, lakes and estuaries. Adrienne Esposito of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment stated, “Rain barrels are an effective, inexpensive and meaningful way to encourage residents to become stewards of the environment, protecting our harbors, the Long Island Sound and the Island’s sole source of drinking water, our underground aquifers. I congratulate Supervisor Kaiman and the Town for advancing this program.”

Frank Morris of the NY Sierra Club said: “For the individual resident it will certainly save money on their water bill. Supervisor Kaiman has been a leader throughout Long Island on environmental issues. This is another example is his environmental leadership.”

Residents can call 311 to participate in the “Recycle the Rain” program, which includes a free tutorial at Clark Botanic Garden on how to use the rain barrels.
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