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New Multi-Space Parking Meter Stations Debut in Port Washington Parking District

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New Multi-Space Parking Meter Stations Debut in Port Washington Parking District
Port Washington, NY– Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the North Hempstead Town Board announced that the Port Washington Public Parking District (PWPPD) recently installed multi-space parking meters in four lots, offering users convenience and proof of payment while reducing maintenance costs for the District.

The state-of-the-art, multi-space meters installed last week in four shopper parking lots—Maryland Avenue, North Bayles Avenue, Irma Avenue and Shore Road—replaced the old individual parking meters. Deployed by increasing numbers of municipalities across the country, the new parking technology maintains the .25 cent per hour rate of the aging, single-space meters.

“With Port Washington mulling a Main Street makeover, making it more convenient for shoppers to park will boost retail traffic, giving downtown Port a much-needed economic resuscitation,” Supervisor Kaiman said.

The installation plan calls for the new meters at Lot #2, North Bayles Avenue, behind Dunkin Donuts, and Lot #4 at Maryland Avenue behind Frank’s Pizzeria, to be activated Monday, June 4. Those at Lot #5, Irma Avenue behind Carlos Pizzeria and Lot #6 at lower Main Street and Shore Road will be activated June 11.

Besides greater reliability, the new parking technology also offers users proof of payment while eliminating the need for drivers to return to their vehicles to display the receipt.

The centrally-located, multi-space meters works like this: The driver pulls into a parking space identified by a number, goes to the multi-space pay station, enters the space number and deposits the appropriate amount of coins for the amount of time desired. The pay-station will dispense a receipt indicating the lot number, date, and parking expiration time. No bills, credit or debit cards will be accepted, only quarters.

Parkers, however, can add time to their parking should they find their original time purchase insufficient. Time can be added using any multi-space meter.

For more information, please call 311.


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