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UPDATE (11/10/12): Supervisor Kaiman’s Reverse 311
Below is Supervisor Kaiman’s Reverse 311 message sent to all Town of North Hempstead residents who have working landlines.

Hello this is North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman with the latest storm recovery update.

I am happy to announce that we received an executive order from Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday approving the Town’s request to extend the first-half school tax deadline.  Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order the November 13 tax payment deadline for school taxes is now extended until December 4.

In regard to power restoration, we are advised by LIPA that there are now well over 1,000 crews in North Hempstead working on restoration. As of last Thursday evening, there were 39,000 LIPA customers in our Town without power.  By last night at this time, the number was down to 20,000 LIPA customers without power.  And as of 3:00pm today, there are fewer than 16,000 LIPA customers remaining in the Town without power.   This, of course, is still too many… but the utilities are making progress and we will continue to monitor their effort and push them to get the job done to the extent that we can.

In regard to the Town’s recovery efforts, to date the Town has removed ten million pounds of debris off our streets.  This effort will continue throughout next week or until all of the debris is removed from the sides of our roads.  The town highway crews will not take tree debris off of private property, unless it is a town tree that fell.  The town will, however, remove all debris located on our town right of way which is usually the first ten feet of your property from the curb line of the street

Finally, as you know, only the utilities have the ability to restore power.  The Town of North Hempstead, however, remains available to any individual or families within our community who may be in distress or in need of assistance.  

If you or someone you know may need help, please call 311.  Thank you.

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