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Town of North Hempstead Welcomes “Gatsby” Director at Exclusive Premiere

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Town of North Hempstead Welcomes “Gatsby” Director at Exclusive Premiere
North Hempstead, NY– The Gold Coast International Film Festival, produced by the Gold Coast Arts Center, and the Town of North Hempstead, hosted an exclusive screening of the highly anticipated film “The Great Gatsby” in advance of its national theatrical release on May 10th.

The event took place on May 8th at the newly re-opened Soundview Cinemas in Port Washington, and was attended by the film’s critically-acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann who addressed the invite only crowd of 300. Luhrmann is renowned for his work directing “Moulin Rouge” and “William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.”

North Hempstead is home to the storied settings of the “East Egg” and the “West Egg” in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby.” The “West Egg” was based on Great Neck, and the “East Egg” on Manhasset in the original 1922 novel.

“Baz Luhrmann’s movie presents this story in all its Gold Coast glory,” North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman said. “With the Gold Coast International Film Festival now in its third year, our North Shore communities as beautiful and storied as ever, and with the film industry thriving throughout our town, I can think of no better place to launch this wonderful cinematic production.”

The 2013 Gold Coast International Film Festival will take place October 21st through October 27th at various venues in many of Long Island’s charming and historic Gold Coast towns and villages. The festival features a multitude of short and feature-length films throughout the week.

Supervisor Kaiman welcomes Director Baz Luhrmann into the theatre along with Supervisor Kaiman’s wife Kim.

Supervisor Kaiman with Director Baz Luhrmann.
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