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Small Business Spotlight

Are you a small business owner in the Town of North Hempstead? The Town would like to feature your business in our “Small Business Spotlight” initiative! As part of our “Lift Up Local” campaign, this program will showcase local businesses on the Town’s website and social media accounts. Featured businesses must be located in the Town of North Hempstead and have valid business operating permits/licenses.  This Spotlight will focus first on the retail, restaurant and service businesses that serve consumers directly from commercial, business or industrial locations, storefronts and offices. Each business must have no more than five total locations to be eligible.  Also, the Town seeks to highlight our local sustainable “Green” businesses.  If applicable, please specify in your application whether your business uses, provides or engages in any green or sustainable services, practices or initiatives. 

Businesses that are interested in participating should complete the application, submit a photo of your business along with a short description about what makes your business unique.

Tell us if your business uses sustainable products, services or practices. Select all that apply or write your own in the 'share' box below.

Please limit your file submission to 1MB or less.

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