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Community Services

Mission Statement

We are the “Helping Hands” of the Town of North Hempstead. As such, our mission is to create and maintain programs to improve the quality of life for every single one of our close to 240,000 residents. Our programs touch all age groups, from our young children and our youth to our seniors and everyone in between. Our mock Town Board meetings, for example, give young students a peek into the workings of local government. And our Fun Day Monday senior get-togethers at North Hempstead Beach Park in Port Washington encourage meaningful peer-to-peer social interaction, which according to experts, is essential for a rewarding and healthy retirement.



Earth Day 2018 T-Shirt Contest

Over the past decade, the Town of North Hempstead has created a T-Shirt for its celebration of Earth Day. This T-Shirt is given out to local civic groups who participate in special community clean-ups around our Town. This year, we are again reaching out to our youth and asking them to design a T-Shirt based on the Town’s theme; “Only Rain in the Drain!”  We have included a lesson plan with different ideas and lots of information. Please click on following link for more info… (Attach Supervisor letter/t-shirt contest and lesson plan)