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Civic Associations

Albertson Square Civic Assn.
Edward W. Scott III.

Carle Place Civic Assn.
Ursula Babino

Canterbury Woods Civic Assn. 

Country Estates
Jack Gabay , 625-1306, 55 Poplar Street East Hills, NY 11576

Country Estates
Ann Rombom , 625-4527, 5 Cypress Lane East Hills, NY 11576

Fairfield Park Civic Assn.
Harvey Brandwein , 484-7128 , 671-4000 Ext-500 , 39 Willowgate East Hills,NY 11577

Lakeville Unified Civic Assn.
Emanuel Zuckerman , 621-7746, 785-0332, 129 Tara Drive East Hills, NY 11576

Norgate Civic Assn.
Spencer A. Kanis, 484-2019, 71 Round Hill Road East Hills, NY 11577

Red Ground
Carmen Krauss , 621-8158, 33 Red Ground Road East Hills, NY 11577

Strathmore Civic
Judi Winters , 621-0792, 67 Wagon Road East Hills, NY 11577

Westwood Civic Assn.
Shawntee Stallworth

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East Williston Civic Assn. 
Joyce Lew , East Williston Civic Association, P.O. Box 488, Williston Park, NY 11596.

Floral Park Centre Civic Assn. 
Jane Cubilette, President, 673-4073, 77 McKee St, Floral Park Centre, NY 11001

Floral Park Centre Civic Assn. 
Toni Umile, Treasurer, 358-7783, 74 McKee St, Floral Park Centre, NY 11001

Garden City Park Civic Assn. 
Tony Colone

Garden City Park Improvement Association
Jonathan Wharton , 873-0713, 572-3500,  272 Bedford Avenue Garden City Park, NY 11040 

Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Assn. 
George Pombar: https://www.facebook.com/ghgwlcivics/

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Allenwood Park Civic Assn. 
Daniel Friedman , 487-5462, 121 Allenwood Rd. Great Neck, N.Y. 11023

Arrandale Civic Assn. 
M/M Frederick Knauer , 566-5687, 47 Arrandale Avenue Great Neck, NY 11024

Eastmoreland Civic League 
Joan Keppler , 487-5844, 71 Jayson Avenue, Great Neck, NY 11021

Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association 
Matthew Timberlake

Great Neck Manor Civic Assn. 
Terisa Ragin , 487-2234, P.O. Box 2154 Great Neck, N.Y. 11020

Great Neck Manor Civic Assn. 
Adrinne Vaultz , 466-5032, 10 Clarke Drive Great Neck, N.Y. 11020

Great Neck Old Village Civic Assn. 
Rebecca Rosenblatt Gilliar, 466-3759, 15 Hicks Lane, Great Neck, NY 11024

Great Neck Old Village Civic Assn.  
Ofra S. Panzer, 487-0515, 38 Park Circle, Great Neck, NY 11024 

Great Neck Old Village Civic Assn. 
Sandra Cadieu, 466-4266, 67 Van Nostrand Avenue, Great Neck NY 11024       

Harbor Hills Civic Assn. 
Suzy Shechtman  

Kensington Civic Org. 
Cynthia Last , 466-8552 , 91 Arleigh Road Great Neck, NY 11020

Kings Point Civic Association. 
Marsha Rotman 

Lakeville Civic Association
Bill Dunckley, President, 487-4720, 258-18 Pembroke Ave., Great Neck, NY 11020   

Russell Gardens Assn. 
Daniel Covitt , 829-5102, 6 Tain Drive Great Neck, NY 11023

Russell Woods Civic Association 
Nina K. Gordon, 917-771-9519, 200 South Middle Neck Road, Apt. J4 Great Neck, NY  11021

Univ. Garden Prop. Owners Assn. 
Steve Perlman

Upland Civic Assn. 
Murray Wallach , 487-9751, 22 Upland Road Great Neck, NY 11020

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Greenvale Civic Assn. 
Sylvia Urlich, 629-6226

Lake Success Civic Assn. 
Jack Epstein 487-3618, 6 Horizon Road Lake Success, NY 11020

Baview Civic Association (email link)
John Minogue, President, 18 Highland Terrace, Manhasset, NY 11030 
Website: http://www.manhassetcivic.org/bca/

Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations, Inc. (email link) 
Richard Bentley, President, PO Box 600, Manhasset, New York 11030-0600 
Website: www.manhassetcivic.org

Flower Hill Association (dormant)

Manhasset Park Civic Association (email link)
Donald O'Brien, President, 158 Webster Ave., Manhasset, NY 11030

Munsey Park Civic Association (dormant)

Norgate Civic Association (email link)
Theresa Amato, 41 Normandy La., Manhasset, NY 11030

North Strathmore Civic Association (email link)
Chuck Jettmar, President, 1 Stonehenge Rd, Manhasset NY 11030

Plandome Association (email link)
Brett Coppens (President)
website: http://plandome.org/

Plandome Heights Civic Association (email link)
Rosemary Mascali, President, 36 Bourndale Road South, Manhasset, NY 11030
website: https://www.manhassetcivic.org/phca/

Shorehaven Civic Association (email link)
Doreen McDonough, President, 142 Shoreview Rd., Manhasset, NY 11030
website: https://www.manhassetcivic.org/shorehaven-ca/

South Strathmore Civic Association (email link)
Andrew Schwenk, President, 26 Knickerbocker Rd., Manhasset NY 11030

Strathmore-Vanderbilt Civic Association (email link)
Jim Cunningham, President, 54 Fairway Lane, Manhasset NY 11030 

Strathmore Village Civic Association (email link)
AnnMarie Cerrone (President), 47 Dorchester Dr., Manhasset NY 11030.

Terrace Manor Civic Association (email link)
Mark Francis, President, 25 West Drive, Manhasset NY 11030-3131

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Manhasset Hills Herricks Civic Assn. 
Irving B. Fried 353-6080  6 Country Village Lane New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Manhasset Hills Herricks Civic Assn. 
Andrea Kahan 365-1426  50 Crest Road Manhasset Hills, NY 11040

Manhasset Hills Herricks Civic Assn. 
Maris Silverman 248-8623  52 Larch Drive Manhasset Hills, NY 11040

Holiday Park at Manhasset Hills Civic Assn. 
Rhonda Greenstein 627-6150  23 Executive Drive 245-3304 Manhasset Hills, NY 11040

Holiday Park at Manhasset Hills Civic Assn. 
Tony Batlisti 365-9899  283 Continental Drive Manhasset Hills, NY 11040

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Mineola Civic Association 
Harriet Beckman 248-8668 168 Latham Road Mineola, NY 11501

Mineola Civic Association  
335 Emory Road, Mineola, NY 11501  Bill Urianek, President

New Cassel Neighborhood Watch 
Olivia Hollis 997-5066 239 State Street Westbury, NY 11590

New Cassel Neighborhood Watch   
Betty Jean Hedges 338-6684 4 Floral Lane Westbury, NY 11590

Progressive Civic Assn. of New Cassel   
Mr. Connie Hodges P. O. Box 824 Westbury, NY 11590

Unified Civic Assn. of New Cassel 
Harold Neal Sr. 333-9765  P.O. Box 10034 Westbury, NY 11590

Unified Civic Assn. of New Cassel 
Karen Hollie 997-3765 P.O. Box 10034 Westbury, NY 11590

Karen Hollie 333-2080 137 Magnolia Ave 997-3765 Westbury. N.Y. 11590

Westbury Community Improvement Corp. 
Eddie Eason 333-1765  979 Prospect Avenue Westbury, NY 11590

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Greenway Civic Assn. 
Peter M. Caputo, Pres. 739-2813  78 Greenway East New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Lakeville Estates Civic Assn. 
Bill Cutrone, President, 516-528-4997 P.O Box 46 New Hyde Park, NY 11040 lakevilleestatescivicassoc@gmail.com

New Hyde Park Civic Assn. 
Jim McHugh, President

New Hyde Park Civilian Patrol 
Jean Capobianco, President

New Hyde Park Civilian Patrol 
John E. Chin, V.P. 747-2693   26 Bellwood Dr. New Hyde Park, NY 11040

New Hyde Park Civilian Patrol 
Vincent Anthony 742-3149   9 Park West New Hyde park, NY 11040

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Bayview Colony Club
5 North Court, Port Washington, NY 11050
Stephen Klyce, President

Beacon Hill Residents Association
Anne Ganzer, President

Community Chest of Port Washington.    
382 Main Street, Suite 105, Port Washington, NY 11050
Julie Meer, Executive Director, (516) 767-2121

Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society
336 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington, NY 11050
Chris Bain, (516)365-9074

Friends of the Port Washington Library
One Library Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050
Amy Bass, (516) 883-4400, Ext. 1108

Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District
329 Main Street, Port Washington, NY 11050
Holly Byrne, (516) 883-8890

Harbor Hills Residents Association, Inc.
PO Box 582, Port WashingtonNY 11050
Lee Kalinsky, President

Landmark on Main Street
232 Main Street, Suite 1, Port Washington, NY 11050
Laura Mogul, Executive Director, (516) 767-1384

Manhasset Bay Estates Homeowners Association
PO Box 295, Port Washington, NY 11050
Steven Darnell, President

Manhasset Isle Civic Association (MICA)
1 Sintsink West Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050
Rob Tesio. President

Mitchell Farms Association
10 Prospect Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050
Shahnaz Autz, (516) 236-9523

Monfort Hills Civic Association

Morewood Oaks Homeowners Association
Angelo Conti

New Salem Civic Association
Amy Luria

Port Washington Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 121, Port Washington, NY 11050
Debbie Greco Cohen (516) 883-6566

Port Washington Estates Association
PO Box 326 Port Washington, NY 11050
Gavin Pike

Port Washington Park Civic Association
46 Fairview Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050
Beth Catrone, (516) 647-1729

PW Green
PO Box 1752, Port Washington, NY 11050
Susan Begnini, (516) 944-8457

Residents Forward
PO Box 864, Port Washington, NY 11050
Patricia Class, Executive Director, (516) 767-9151

Southport Civic Association 
47 Wakefield Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050
Pat Van Dusen

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Friends of Cedarmere 
225 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576 1-800-763-7190 

Marchant Park Civic Assn. 
Mark Magid 625-4561 66 Highland Avenue Roslyn, NY 11576

Rollingwood Civic Assn. 
Lawrence Lioz 627-6605 84 Knollwood Road Roslyn, NY 11576

Roslyn Estates Civic Assn. 
Robert Mauer 621-4389 32 The Intervale Roslyn Eastates, NY 11576

Roslyn Estates Civic Assn. 
Allen Mendels 621-8691 9 The Birches Roslyn Estates, NY 11576

Roslyn Pines Civic Assn. 
Neal Waldman 484-4453 7 Pine Drive South Roslyn, NY 11576

Roslyn Village Civic Assn.

Steve Kirschman 621-7496 2 Valentine Lane Roslyn, NY 11576

Searingwood Civic Assn. 
Stan Margolin 248-9098 39 Reed Drive 248-9046 Roslyn, NY 11576

Browers Hill Civic Assn. 
Beth Wishinsky 81 Hillturn Lane Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Browers Hill Civic Assn. 
Deborah Factor 45 Hillturn Lane Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Pam Krugman 621-9253 123 Westwood Circle 484-9155 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Florence Wohl 621-4567 159 Peachtree Lane 718-429-6223 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

North Park Civic Assn. 
(NPCA) Alida Addeo, Co-Pres. (917) 922-0647 39 North Court Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

North Park Civic Assn.
(NPCA) Rachel Trapani, Co-Pres. (516)801-4388 113 North Court Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 

North Park Civic Assn.
(NPCA) Michale Alper, Co-Pres.  

Roslyn Country Club Civic Assn.

Roslyn Heights Civic Assn.

South Park Civic Assn. 
Celeste Rachell 484-6545 30 Flower Lane Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

South Park Civic Assn. 
Jack Wohl 621-6995 159 Peachtree 621-4567 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Sprucewood Park Civic Assn. 
Harold Harris 621-2331 60 Oakdale Road 718-604-5785 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Stratford Civic Assn. 
Michael Futterman 718-604-5785 88 Stratford North 621-2331 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

West Park Civic Association 
Nelson Silverberg N/A 87 Hickory Lane Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

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Searingtown Neighborhood Assn. 
Norman Sandys 484-4299 16 Crescent Drive Searingtown, NY 11507

Birchwood Civic Assn. 
Neville Mullings 333-2793 540 Queen Street Westbury, NY 11590

Central Westbury Civic Assn. 
Manny Sweat N/A 521 Jefferson Street Westbury, NY 11590

Concerned Citzens of Westbury 
Kenneth Skipka 333-2195(N) 68 Rose Avenue 333-4526 Westbury, NY 11590

Northeast Civic Assn. 
Kenneth Koch 334-4876 16 Northcote Road Westbury, NY 11590

Poets' Corner Neighborhood Assn. 
Lavern Washington (516) 369-7793

Polo Park Civic Assn. 
Thelma Tepperberg 333-3344 15 Greentree Circle Westbury, NY 11590

Sherwood Civic Assn. 
Gerard Modeste P O Box 422 333-7481 Westbury, NY 11590-0130

Sherwood Civic Assn. 
Lynroy Thomas 334-4794 P O Box 422 Westbury, NY 11590-0130

The Hedges Civic Assn. 
Joseph Monty 333-2613 179 Rhododendron Drive Westbury, NY 11590

Westbury Hills Civic Assn. 
P. F. Sinclair, President

Westbury Hills Civic Assn. 
President Pablo Sinclair
Vice President Glenn A. Lowy

Westbury on the Green Civic Assn. 
Kenneth Jones 333-7150 869 Leonard Drive Westbury, NY 11590

Williston Park Civic Assn. 
P.O. Box 358 Williston Park, NY 11596 Phone:  (516) 414-0041, President: Vincent Siegfried  
Web site:  http://willistonparkcivic.org  Email:  info@willistonparkcivic.org

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