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Native Plants around the Town

The Town strives to increase the use of native plants in its landscapes due to their benefits for wildlife and the environment. Native plants are those that have historically occurred in our geographic area and therefore are adapted to our climate, soils and wildlife with minimal inputs. 

This page provides information on where you can find native plantings on Town properties as well as photos and details about these beneficial plants so you can locate them when you visit each site.  Please keep in mind that native plants are not exclusive to these areas and they are found in a variety of locations around the Town, however these locations showcase larger scale plantings. This information can also be used for inspiration to plant natives in your own landscape!  Please check back as we add more native planting locations and photos!

Click on the links below to learn about the native plants that make up these gardens.

Gerry Park

Clark Botanic Garden

Fuschillo Park

Whitney Pond Park

Manhasset Valley Park

Town Hall

Ridder's Park

Yes We Can Center

Martin 'Bunky' Reid Park 

North Hempstead Beach Park

Native Plant Trial Gardens

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