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Rain Barrel and Composter Sales

Composting and using a rain barrel are two great ways to help the environment in your own backyard. The Town of North Hempstead provides compost bins and rain barrels at a discount to Town residents.  

Composting involves the breaking down of yard and kitchen waste into a nutrient rich soil amendment. It provides many benefits including reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or combustion facilities, providing valuable plant nutrients, improving soil structure, adding beneficial soil organisms, suppressing plant diseases, reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides, and helping to prevent soil erosion and nutrient runoff.

Rain barrels are containers that collect rainwater from roofs that can be used for irrigation of lawns and gardens. One of their main benefits is conserving water that comes from Long Island’s underground aquifers, which provide 100% of Long Island’s potable water. They also allow users to save money and reduce stormwater pollution.

Please check back spring 2024 for our annual sales. 

How to Use a Composter

This manual provides information on how to compost and utilize the Compost Wizard Jr. composter that you can purchase from the Town: Town of North Hempstead Composting Guide

The NYC Master Composter Manual provides more in depth details on how to compost


How to Use a Rain Barrel

This manual provides information on how to install and use the RTS Rain Barrel that you can purchase from the Town: Town of North Hempstead Rain Barrel Guide

For a more in depth lesson on composting and using a rain barrel as well as other ways you can make your yard more environmentally friendly take the Town's Sustainable Yard Care workshop. Click HERE for more information.



Composter: $50 (one per household); Model: Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr.

Rain Barrel: $50 (one per household)*; Model: RTS Home Accents Flat Back Rain Barrel

*Please note we only provide the rain barrel (including screen and spigot), but additional equipment may be needed, such as a diverter, a platform to raise the rain barrel and a tool to cut the gutter downspout to the proper length.

Residency Requirement: 

Composters and rain barrels are only available for purchase by Town of North Hempstead residents. If you are unsure as to what Town you reside in please contact sustain@northhempsteadny.gov or call 516-869-6311.

You must show ID (license or utility bill/cell phone bill) that displays your address when picking up the rain barrel and/or composter. 

How to Purchase

Items will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Please note there is a limited number of each item

Pickups are held at Clark Botanic Garden at 193 I.U. Willets Road, Albertson. There will be a sign on the entrance gate to guide you. See above for dates and times.


You can pay by check or credit card at time of pickup of the rain barrel and/or composter. There is a 2.95% fee for all credit card purchases.


For questions or to get more information please call 311 (516-869-6311 from outside the Town) or e-mail sustain@northhempsteadny.gov.