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Proposed Tree Policy and Draft Local Laws

The Town of North Hempstead has scheduled public hearings to consider revisions to the Town’s Tree Policy and two tree-related local laws concerning tree preservation and tree removal.  The public hearings are currently scheduled for February 24, 2021 and will be recommended for continuation to the March 18, 2021 Town Board meeting. 

Prior to the public hearings, the Town has made the preliminary draft tree proposals publicly available to allow for resident feedback. The preliminary drafts were crafted in large part based on community input that had previously been received.  We sincerely thank the members of the North Hempstead community for their contributions to these important documents and we look forward to receiving additional comments.

Pre-meeting comments related to the preliminary draft tree proposals can be emailed to: TreeCodeComments@northhempsteadny.gov for consideration and will not be made part of the formal record.  If you wish your comments to be made part of the formal record, email comments@northhempsteadny.gov.

Copies of the preliminary draft tree proposals are available below:

  1. Revised Proposed Tree Policy 
    • This document incorporates much of the current tree policy (Category 2), together with proposed amendments to address sidewalk district projects (Category 1), a process for right-of-way tree removal by permit applicants (Category 3), guidelines for tree removal in connection with tree roots infiltrating a house connection sewer (Category 4) and a tree replanting policy (Section V).
  2. Proposed Amendments to Section 2-9(T) (marked to show changes from current provisions) 
    • Section 2-9(T) of the Town Code governs tree removal when removal is sought in connection with another activity in which a building permit is required.  For example, tree removal associated with construction of a new dwelling.  
  3. Proposed Amendments to Chapter 20A (marked to show changes from current provisions) 
    • Chapter 20A of the Town Code governs tree removal: (a) in the public right-of-way; and (b) from the front yard of private property when not in connection with an activity that requires a building permit.     

These proposed amendments are in many cases intended to address the following priorities:

  • Replanting requirements that are practical, feasible and enforceable
  • A new mechanism that comes into play when trees and infrastructure work (such as sidewalks) are in conflict
  • The responsibilities and composition of a Town Tree Advisory Committee
  • The establishment of a “tree establishment bond” for certain tree replanting situations
  • Town policies related to tree removal and replanting
  • Evaluation of fines applicable to Chapter 20A

The Proposed Town of North Hempstead Tree Policy can be seen by clicking here.

The proposed policy is regarding the preservation, maintenance and removal of trees throughout the Town.